How to stop Toothache Quickly?

Though it is best to go to your dentist if you experience a toothache, for instance, Dentist Pacoima is a reliable name, however, if you are stuck in a situation where you don’t have an access to the dentist or you cannot visit the dentist right away, it is best to follow the tips mentioned in this article. For instance, there are many home remedies which can prove to be effective for the temporary easing of the pain and it can help to buy you time for consulting the dentist. Additionally, in some cases, people may have to wait for the appointment of the dentist; therefore, you can try few of the steps to relieve the pain.

In simple words, if you don’t want a toothache to persist or you want to control it, the best option is to not let the swelling in your mouth get worse. It means that if the swelling is less, the chances of pain can also be reduced. Another option is to take the Advil three times a day, as it can help to minimize the inflammation on the short-term basis. That being said, it is best to consult the dentist, if you want to avoid any side effects. Moreover, if you have already taken the Advil, it is good to not stop if you feel better or have gotten relief for the pain, as one of the characteristics of Advil is that it takes a while to get absorbed and if you stop using it, it may take longer time to impact the inflammation in your mouth.

Furthermore, it is important to remember if you are looking for a long term solution to the pain; it may not get resolved by using the above-mentioned tip. Therefore, it is best to take into account the root causes of the problem in addition to visiting the dentist whenever you can. For instance, some of the dentists may recommend using ibuprofen, however, if it is not endorsed by the dentist, don’t opt for it.

Natural Remedies

There are people who are strongly advised against Advil, or some of the people prefer to try the organic options. Below mentioned are some of the prominent ones.

Salt Rinsing

If you rinse the mouth with super saturated salt, it may improve the condition.
For example, if you boil water on a hot temperature and add the dead sea salt or Himalayan salt, the salt crystals will be formed at the bottom of the water; it means it cannot be dissolved anymore. Store that water in a bottle and rinse your mouth with it more than three times a day. Consequently, the inflammation will be be managed to a large extent. Some of the experts recommend it if you have gum pain or swelling in addition to getting the poppy seeds out of the areas in between your gums.

Clove Oil

Though some of the experts associate the effectiveness of the clove oil with the Benzocaine, however, the ingredient of Eugenol, which is present in the natural form is not  a good option and some of the experts have shown concern for the safety of the patients. If you are wondering about the availability of the oil, most of the stores sell it at the nominal price. If you want to use the oil, it is good to follow the steps in the right order. For instance, it is best to apply a small part of the oil to a piece of tissue or cotton swab and the second step is to cover the target area with it. The results show the effectiveness of the oil on those patients who have exposed nerve or cavity in the mouth. In addition, some of the people prefer to use the oil for areas near the pulpal tissue.


If you can grab a pillow near you, it can be utilized to increase the level of the head as compared to your body. If you want to improve sleep, use the pillow in a wedge shape, which can be done by stacking up the number of pillows to maintain a decent level. The reason for elevating the head has to do with the blood supply to your head because it can play a role in worsening it.

Cold Temperature

If you have frozen peas at home, they can be put into the Ziploc bag with the water and ice cubes to make you a great pack.

Main Causes Tooth Pain

The tissue is present in the teeth in addition to artery, vein, and nerve are often the areas from where the pain is induced. These elements are also responsible for giving you the sense of sensation, especially when you expose the teeth to the different temperature or different textures in the food.  And if this area is infected by the bacteria, it may trigger the release of certain acids via the tooth enamel. This means if the bacteria finds the way of getting past the enamel of your teeth, the sensitive part of the tooth can become exposed to the infections. As a result, the inflammation in your mouth reacts to the germ attack and causes you dental problems.

In simple words, if you get an injury of the hand or a cut, the skin may react by expanding or swelling to the cut, however, when it comes to the hard enamel walls of your tooth, the swelling is usually not expanded and the toothache becomes worse than your imaginations. This means that your tooth reacts in a different way. In some cases, if the food gets stuck within the gaps of your teeth, or if you already have an infection and it spreads in other parts of the mouth, the problem may become hard for you. Furthermore, an unexpected injury or constant teeth grinding can also make the matters worse in addition to the sinus infection, which may make you feel pain in the teeth too.


In short, there are various causes of a toothache; however, if you know the basic distinctions and quick tips, you can relieve it on the short term basis at home.



Author: Lisa Watson

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